About us

Many bands struggle to establish their industry brand and musical identity, rotating through musical styles like clothes, hoping to find something that fits. Once in a great while there comes a band that emerges fully formed, in command of their craft while holding true to there identity and their roots. McEwyn is one of those bands.

The band McEwyn delivers memorable lyrics about true to life events. Love, Family, Freedom, Heartache and Home are just a few.

The Band

MCEWYN’S lyrics rotate in full color, emotions connect, harmonies meld and melodies soar. As you find your way, you begin to sing along even though you’ve never heard the song before. The band MCEWYN drives us to a moment in time where the road between love and life converge. When the dust settles you’re pointed in the direction that leads from Heartache to Hope. Traveling down the melodic gravel road with MCEWYN is worth the ride.

“Being on the road all the time and something that we’ve always wanted to do.” “We’re writing and playing our songs the way we feel and see them. For the first time it feels natural and right”. It has been amazing to create and see this incredible music come to life. Simply Stated… Life’s Personal Moments wrapped up in music and delivered with powerful precision.”

There’s something about the country that brings a natural calm to the crazy of life. Rolling down a gravel road with the windows down, clean country air filling your lungs. The farmer cutting hay, the little hardware store that still has the bell that rings when you walk through the door. The local café with rocking chairs out front waitin’ to greet you. This is the country way of life. This is were the band MCEWYN hangs it’s hat.

So don’t worry if there’s mud on your boots, we understand. If life has done a number on you and knocked you down, it’s knocked us down too. If you need a ride down a country road to breathe that fresh air, Climb in !! Let’s go!! It’s time to Kick your feet up, take a load off, enjoy. Let’s get a little …GOOD CRAZY.